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Safe Phone Dating Tips

The dating scene has changed a lot over time and has thus taken many forms. Phone dating is one of these forms. There are those that are truly seeking partners on these platforms but there are many who are out for other intents as well. Many have been ripped off and had horrible dates with people they met after phone dating awhile. It is very important to be conscious and alert before taking online chatting to the next level, that is phone dating. So here are some safe phone dating tips you can use to help you stay alert.

Before giving out your phone number, use the online calls first. You can just invest in some good headphones and microphone. Using online instant messaging services to chat with your dating prospects in real time is the first step. There are numerous platforms that have these facilities and they are safe, easy, and cheaper. Get a disposable number online to sign up with it if a number is required for sign-ups. You will, therefore, have avoided exposing your number to strangers and still get to chat.

Once you feel comfortable after enough to chat, you can give out your cell phone number. It is important to give your cell phone number on your own terms and not because of pressure from anyone. Do not give out your home number as this can be easily used to find your home address.

Since you don’t really know this person, it is important to look out for anything that might seem odd. Be very suspicious so that you won’t have your heart broken when you find that they are actually playing you. You might find that they can only speak at certain odd times of the night or morning and they do speak, it is in hushed tones. If you find that every time you talk on phone, they kind of cut the conversation very fast saying they’ll call later, don’t ignore that.

It is very common to run out of things to talk about when you are talking for the first time and you don’t really know the person. This this is very likely and to avoid spoiling it, you should prepare. It is important to have a paper and pen with you and should list down things you might want to talk about and even the jokes you will share to avoid going blank. You should have things you can jump to in case some jokes or topics are not going well. Remember that you should be as natural as possible and you should not try imitate someone you are not.

You should know that you are not obligated to talk about topics you don’t want to talk about. To avoid it being awkward when you are trying to evade a question, you can write down things you can talk about out instead.

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